About Rory

Child Actress Rory Nicole Ogden has accomplished more since she began acting in November 2012 than many artists twice her age!  It was than she began to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an actress.  She began training with acting and improv classes to help develop her skills.


Rory started out by making several short films: Letters, Just A Kid and The award winning film The Patient.  After a while she moved on to TV and commercials. She appeared in NBC's Do No Harm and Deception, The Dr. Oz Show and several appearances on Harrisburg's Good Day PA!


Rory is slated to star in the full length feature film Impure in 2016.  She also just completed two episodes of the ABC Primetime show-What Would You Do? with John Quiñones.


Rory is also a singer/songwriter who has released her first single on ITunes called Don't Wanna Fit In!


Her other passions are playing goalie for her school field hockey team and for a nationally ranked club team. She also plays guitar and loves to make silly videos on her youtube channel.